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What’s Next For The Tea Party Movement?

After All the Tea Parties Across the Country, What’s Going on Now?oldoldglory

The week of April 15, 2009 was an exciting and news filled time across the country with Tea Party events scheduled almost hourly in cities all across the land.  Hundreds of thousands of attenders carrying signs and flags, descended in droves on their local municipalities in Tea Party protests to make their voices heard.  They gathered to hear speakers expound on the evils of big government, oppressive legislation and high taxes among other things.  Crowds of people shouted, waved signs, agreed (and cheered) or disagreed (and booed) with what the orators were vocalizing.  People mingled, passed out literature, networked with other like minded individuals and the atmosphere in many gatherings was one of action and direction.  The large gatherings evoked a feeling in the hearts of many of the chance for positive change.   And the knowledge that thousands, if not millions, felt the same way created the desire for action, immediate and sweeping.  But where do things stand now?  What is happening and where is the movement headed?  In short, what’s going on?

The grassroots movement epitomized with the overwhelming turn out at thousands of gatherings is alive, but is it just a bit directionless?  If you take the time to search the internet for anything related to the “Tea Party” movement or events, thousands of returns are generated ranging from reports and videos of past events to blogs (like this one) airing opinions.  Not many of the results generated by a Google search give any real, concrete answers to the question “what now?” nor do they provide people with an outline of what they, as individuals in the overall movement, can do to get results and make a difference. The latest search I performed returned 1,480,000 results on the term “tea party movement”.  Getting past the first page and finding anything useful was pretty frustrating and I quickly gave up.  The question needs to be answered, what can be, or should be, done to build the movement into something powerful and unified so that we can effect real change? 

What should be done to build on the Tea Party Movement?

Here are a few of my own suggestions for what we should be doing. 

  • Get on Twitter. If you haven’t already, get a Twitter account and start tweeting to those of like mind. 
  • Use e-mail extensively.  Organize, inform and act.  E-mail is important, use it.
  • Join groups such as #tcot. Tcot stands for Top Conservatives On Twitter .  Join in, don’t just skirt the edges.
  • Visit Blogs and post comments. By visiting blogs, posting comments and leaving your “signature”, such as your Twitter name or e-mail, you are linking in to the network of people and creating useful feedback.    Share information and shout it out.
  • Call or e-mail talk shows. As wide spread as Social Media is and as much as it is being used to bypass “traditional” media, the radio is still extremely efficient at getting the word out.   Get vocal with talkshows.
  • Organize your own event.  Why wait for someone else? 
  • Run for office.  If you have the time and financial ability to take on public office, do it.  This is a nation of citizen leaders, why not run for office?

Can we afford to allow the movement to die?  What happens if the Tea Party is appropriated by the GOP?  What can we do to keep the movement a “grass roots” movement?  What do you see as the next step?

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ÜberTwitter: An ÜberView of New Twitter App For BlackBerry



ÜberTwitter Makes Great Debut as Twitter App. for Black Berry

ÜberTwitterI Twitter. I Twitter while I work (don’t tell), I Twitter at stop lights, Twitter while walking (have almost tripped a few times) and Twitter while Twittering. You can say I’m a #twitteraddict. When I’m not Twittering, I’m thinking about Twittering, when I’m not thinking of Twittering, I’m asleep. For someone like me, having Twitter on the go is crucial and you can’t always pull out the laptop to send off a “mini post” to all your fellow Tweets.  What are you to do?

If you have an iPhone you’re on your own, I don’t have an iPhone (nothing against them) and don’t want one. Touch screens aren’t for me, I’ve had them and I think I’m too hard on them. Plus, call me old fashioned, but I want a “keyboard”. I mean real keys, not icons of keys on a screen. So I have the BlackBerry “Curve”, and absolutely love it. It does everything I want it to do and does it well. If you want to cook duck, there might not be “an app for that”, but I’m not trying to carry everything and the kitchen sink in my pocket,  just the things I need and want. One of the things I need (okay; want) is Twitter, so having that on my BB is important.

Up until now I’ve used TwitterBerry with some small success but now I’m looking at ÜberTwitter and it’s been conditional love at first sight.

ÜberTwitter is the new kid on the block when it comes to mobile applications for BlackBerry. It was released in beta on April 15, 2009 and is available for preview when you register. I downloaded it a couple days ago and have been playing with it to see how it “fits”. So far so good. There are some really cool features about it that I like and a couple of things that need to be tweaked.

Let me start by listing the features I like.

Click for Larger ImageGood looking interface. Like TwitterBerry, the Tweets are listed in single column form (not much room for anything else on the Black Berrys’ small screen) and contain the small “avatars” of the tweople you interact with. It’s clean, easy to read and makes sense.




profilesClick through to Tweoples profiles. When you highlight a particular Tweet and want to “drill down”, you can click on it to get more information on the Tweet and the profile of the Tweeter. Nice feature that TwitterBerry does not have. With TwitterBerry, if you wanted to see the profile of the person who tweeted, you had to go another route, like the web, and look it up that way. ÜberTwitter solves this by containing a synopsis of the Tweets profile as well as the option of viewing that Tweeters’ own timeline. Very cool.



Click for larger imageTrending Topics. This feature may not be at full speed yet. It is something like TwitScoop which shows the most active keywords on Twitter at any given moment. I believe this function may only work among ÜberTwitter users, if that is the case, it’s usefulness will be limited. But by clicking on the Trending Topics command, you can find the top keywords being Twittered about at that moment. Nice research tool. Not totally necessary, but cool anyway.



Opens at last Tweet you read. At first, when I opened ÜberTwitter after taking the minimum time off for sleep, I was a little irritated. I saw that the tweet at the top of the screen was 5 hours old and I had to scroll upward for awhile to get to the latest tweet which was time consuming. When TwitterBerry opened, you always saw the latest load with the newest tweet at the top and scrolling up through the tweets on ÜberTwitter ticked me a little until I realized, that’s the way it should be. (ding!!! light bulb moment) You want to be able to update yourself by scrolling up through the tweets so you don’t miss anything. With TwitterBerry, you had to scroll down to check for missed tweets you might want to see. It makes more sense to pick up where you left off when you last were viewing them.


Click for larger imageReplies are highlighted in yellow in main timeline. TwitterBerry lacked this feature, and it is definitely a neccessity. Any tweet in your timeline directed toward you is highlighted with yellow background. Pale yellow when there is an @timtipper in the body of the tweet, like in a re-tweet, and deep yellow when @timtipper is at the beginning of the tweet, like in a reply. This makes it very easy to see those tweets directed at you, or involving you since they stand out from the rest. GREAT FEATURE!



Now for some things that need “tweaked”


waitingNo “escape key” when a function takes too long. This is downright critical. You know when you try to open a file on your computer and the little hourglass just sits there and mocks you but the file doesn’t open? You PC users in particular know exactly what I’m talking about. Well, when that happens and you’ve taken a nap, eaten lunch and used the bathroom and the thing still hasn’t opened, you can hit the old ctrl+alt+del keys (reboot is a PC standby) and get out of it…… usually. If, on ÜberTwitter, your request for viewing a particular timeline, or some other function is taking too long, you can’t hit a key to escape the function, you either wait and wait, or you “hard re-set” your BB…….. or just give up. For example, you’re out hiking (unknowingly in a dead zone), see something you just need to take a picture of and post on ÜberPictures. You click on “update your status”, take the picture, attach your really cute caption and hit send and there you sit. Verizon Wireless, for all its’ self-proclaimed coverage still does have “dead zones” aplenty (one of them is at my house) and if you are in one of those zones, you’ve essentially put ÜberTwitter on hold while you watch the endless blue upload bar slowly creep across the screen. I timed it at my own personal “dead zone” in my house and it took 15 minutes to get to 68% on a picture upload before I gave up on the test and pulled the battery from my BB. I will give it an “A” for persistence in trying to upload but I’d rather just be able to hit an escape key. Even closing out ÜberTwitter doesn’t work, when you open it back up, there it is still desperately trying to upload the dang picture.  Give up already.  On TwitterBerry, if your request was taking too long, you could hit the Black Berrys’ “back” button, escape the time consuming task and go to the previous screen. Not so with ÜberTwitter.


Can’t upload a stored picture except on BB “Storm”. This one is pretty dang critical too, although according to ÜT people it is getting fixed for beta-2. Only the BB Storm enables the uploading of a picture that has already been taken and stored. You can use the “take picture” function contained in ÜT to take a picture and send it to ÜberPictures but not a picture that is already stored on your BB.

Drains the Heck out of the battery.  This is something that needs to be addressed rather quickly in beta-2.  The battery can be killed really quick. 


Overall Impression

Until now, the only options I had, as a Black Berry user, were TwitterBerry or Social Scope and neither of those really have all the features an iphone user takes for granted.  With the advent of ÜberTwitter the possibility of a great application for Twittering from BlackBerry is on the horizon. It has most of the functions you will want and works very well. With some of the problems I’ve listed (and some I may not have discovered yet) ironed out in beta-2 (or 3,4 etc…),  ÜberTwitter will definitely replace TwitterBerry for me. Developers have assured me that the things I’ve observed are being addressed and beta-2 will function much better. 

Another function that might be cool for some (I probably won’t use it) is the ability to update Google Talk.  I don’t use Google Talk, so I won’t go into that, but you  might want to know.

But for now, Twitter away happy #twitteraddict.

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Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009

hitlerHate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009

The hate crimes legislation in working its’ way through congress seems fairly  innocuous until you begin really reading the bill and attach significance to particular phrases.  One phrase that raises an alarm are the words “and for other purposes”, at the very beginning of the bill;

“To provide Federal assistance to States, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes, and for other purposes. (emphasis mine)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,”

What in blazes is meant by “other purposes” and why, if there are “other purposes” in the mind of the author of this bill, shouldn’t we require those “other purposes” be enumerated in the bill?  Is this an open door for a lot of “other purposes” that would then fall conveniently under the scope of this all inclusive legislation?  Shouldn’t a piece of legislation be very specific as to what its’ purpose is without having to leave it up to the imagination?

I would like to see any bill thrown out as soon as words like “other purposes” are inserted into the bill without any specificity.  Sure it might make the bill a little “long winded” to completely and clearly list its’ purposes (maybe another page or two) but didn’t Congress just recently pass a huge bailout bill consisting of  thousands of pages?  That bill, The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008  was not even read by many in congress and was filled with extraneous “fluff” and vague purposes.  That bill even started out as the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008!  Then, in a legislative sleight of hand, the bill was co-opted at the drop of a crisis, the entire thing re-written and it became the bailout to end all bailouts, or so we were told at the time.  Is it just me, or does it seem that trying to figure out what congress is doing up there in Washington is like trying to count raindrops in a hurricane?

The other item in H.R. 1913 which causes moderate alarm is the inclusion of the “interstate commerce” clause in the wording of the bill.  I don’t know what you think, but it seems a bit of a stretch to try and use the interstate commerce clause as justification for the need of federal involvement in hate crime enforcement.  What do hate crimes and interstate commerce have in common besides nothing.  Sure they try to make a case for the relationship with a list of “findings” but the findings have no supporting documentation or references to published and/or scientifically acknowledged studies.  To simply say “congress makes the following findings” is disingenuous at least and an outright manipulative lie at worst.  If I had turned in a paper during my school years which made all sorts of claims such as these in the “findings” without the supporting documentation in a bibliography, I would have gotten a failing grade and that is exactly what this bill should get, a solid “F”.  It should be shown for what it is, a poorly written, un-documented, crisis creating, opportunistic power-grab.  The moron who wrote it, Representative John Conyers (D-MI), should be soundly “spanked” for being so blatantly stupid.

The Cato Institute published an excellent report on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 and the logical aruguement against that bill applies equally as well against the 2009 version. 

Certainly crimes perpetrated against another person because of their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, color etc… are heinous and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  There is no reason, however, to impose special laws against criminal motives.  Shouldn’t we just punish the crime itself?

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Cyber Security or Cyber Control?

Cyber Security Act of 2009: Beware the Cure


Cyber Fear

I’m all for secure internet, and I certainly understand the need to protect against cyber terrorism, I am just not willing to give the government power to regulate internet use down to the last byte.  This bill is not about national security, it will allow the government to determine who accesses what, who publishes what and will create a “big brother” of the internet. Everyone who values the wonderful freedom of internet use and freedom of speech should be very wary of this bill.  It isn’t about Democrats or Republicans it’s about the freedom to use the internet without insufferable, “big brother”, regulation and oversight. 
See the working draft of S778/773, Cyber Security Act of 2009.

In a statement explaining the bill’s introduction, Sen. Rockefeller said, “We must protect our critical infrastructure at all costs (emphasis mine)– from our water to our electricity, to banking, traffic lights and electronic health records – the list goes on.”

The scary words in that statement above are “at all costs”.   Costs to what, freedom of speech?  Surely a way to protect our nation against cyber attacks and foreign cyber espionage can be reached without the kind of regulatory power given to the government in this bill.  Once freedoms are surrendered, they cannot be regained without a fight.  Make certain your representatives thoroughly understand what is in this bill and instruct them to vote for freedom, not out of fear.

~Read More On World Net Daily~

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Greenville SC Tea Party Garners 10,000

Tea Party Draws Huge Crowd, Leaves Me…..Dissappointed?

Bi-Lo Center Tea Party Crowd

Crowd gathers around dais

The crowd gathered at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC was estimated at 10,000 by the Greenville PD.  Whether that number is accurate isn’t 100% certain, but the gathering of attendees was substantial.  Besides the tightly packed group near the dais, there were people on the stairs and lining the parking garage parapet walls overlooking the scene below.  Some had even found perches atop the brick pilasters of the fence and railings. 

Groups of people began filtering in far earlier than the 6:00 p.m. kick off time, staking claims to territory and setting up chairs. That “be prepared” mentality stood them in good stead since by the official start time, most of the area outside the center was filling rapidly making a good view of the dais and the speakers nearly impossible. In fact as I walked through the crowd speaking with people, it was difficult to hear what was being said by the speakers. It occurs to me that the next event needs to have a bit more professional help in the sound department. Simply putting the speakers up higher would help the situation a lot by projecting the sound over the heads of the audience. The overall setup was much better than the first Tea Party held on the Reedy River on February 27 though, and on the whole, it worked quite well despite a few inconveniences.

Now What Are The Words To Our Anthem?

Things didn’t start so well when , the words to the national anthem were forgotten by the guest performer.  It turned into a lovely moment though as the crowd, acting as a vocal teleprompter, took up the slack and the anthem was finished in unison and a roaring of applause.

Featured speakers were; Governor Sanford who is making an apparent push for a possible presidential run; Gresham Barrett, who probably would have done better to avoid the event as he was booed continually throughout his speach; Russ Cassell, (local radio talk show host) who has been outspoken in his disgust with just about all politicians and the government in general; and Senator Jim DeMint, who was perhaps the most anticipated speaker of the evening and a popular favorite with the attenders. 

After I left and made my way toward main street, to grab a bite with friends at Bellaccinos’, I had a feeling of being ”let down”.  The kind of feeling you get when a team you like loses a playoff game, or perhaps when a concert you attend doesn’t give you the bang for the buck you hoped for.   That may seem strange, with the attendance so high and the ”big name” speakers, but maybe some of you feel the same way about the Tea Party events in your area.  Let me explain.  It isn’t that the event itself was a let down, it is more that you go with such high expectations and are hoping to see immediate results, so that when you walk away afterward, you feel as if you have not accomplished what you set out to do. Most of the people there would like to have seen problems identified, plans made and actions taken, but for now it’s rallies and speaking and people seeming to be looking forward to…..something.  2010 perhaps?


Forget The Speakers, What Were The People Saying?

BlogOnSC Polls The Crowd Polls Tea Party Crowd


One of my objectives at this event, was to poll as many people as possible to ask what, in their opinion, was the main issue driving Tea Party protest attendance around the nation. The Tea Parties have often been portrayed in the media as tax protests and some of the signs at the events have seemed to lend truth to that claim. However, as my informal poll indicated, the core of the Tea Party movement is much broader than a simple tax protest, it is rooted in the belief, expressed by most, that the government itself is far to big, far too intrusive (tyrranical is a word used by some) and completely out of touch with the people who they are elected to serve.Out of all the people I questioned, most indicated that they were tired of “big government” and out of control spending. Those things often go hand in hand, but when I dug a little deeper, the meaning of “big government” took on many facets. Some indicated that it was oppressive regulations and controls, others expounded on the perceived move toward “socialism”, and still others mentioned the sheer size of the government and all federal departments and employees.

Judd and Collin, two young men in their early 20’s, holding their signs and paying close attention to the goings on, made it clear that they believed it was President Obama and socialism that were the main factors driving Tea Party attendance.

A man named Wayne, standing alone, but near the front, said it was a general “fed up feeling” that compelled him to attend.

Jeremy felt like we were “being ignored” and had no “representation” in government.

Eric, who was holding a sign bringing attention to his own particular cause, said the stimulus bill was “the spark” that had ignited the Tea Party revolution but that “taxes” are largely the issue.

Bill, standing on the fringe and leaning against the fence, held a sign that told congress the “pink slips” were on the way. His belief was that people were tired of giving the government half their income in taxes and were fed up with that and government in general.
One of the most interesting observations of the evening, came from a man named Eric, who claimed not to be a great articulator. While he may not be an accomplished orator, his comment was enlightening and thought provoking. For those who claim the Tea Party events are motivated out of racism or hatred toward Barack Obama, this should come as an interesting item. Out of all the signs being held up by the thousands who attended, relatively few made mention of President Obama. The overwhelming majority of signs made reference to government, taxation and liberty in general (with all the ancillary themes) rather than mentioning the President himself.  And out of all the people I spoke to, only Judd mentioned Barack Obama as being the central issue of the protests.

Old and Young Alike Share The Moment

Seasoned Patriot

Seasoned Patriot

The people attending the event spanned several generations from little babies (obviously they didn’t come under their own power) to seasoned citizens and all age groups in between. Although the specific reasons for attending might have varied, it was clear that every person there agreed on one thing, something has to change, and not the kind of change, I was assured, that is represented by President Obama and the current congress.

What's in the Future for Us?

What's in Their Future?







So the question still remains.  What’s next?


View all the photos on TimTippers’ Facebook home.

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Gresham Barrett Booed At Greenville, SC Tea Party Protest

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

I Almost Feel Sorry For Barrett….Almost

When Gresham Barrett got up to speak at the April 17, 2009 Tea Party in Greenville, SC, he must have expected to get a “none too warm” welcome.  His vote for HR1424, economic stimulus package was an impetus for widespread voter anger and he has done nothing to right that wrong.  It doesn’t seem to matter to the voters of the 3rd congressional district that Rep. Barretts single vote would have made no difference overall, and that he has apologized for voting in favor of the bailout, the average voter (-at least as evidenced at last nights Tea Party-) is simply mad as a hornet that Barrett would display the kind of Chutzpah to come to a conservative stronghold such as the Upstate and attempt to speak to a crowd of people who are angry at government in general and high taxes specifically.  So if Barrett thought he would get a willing audience, he was sorely mistaken.  What he did get was a refusal to listen and a very vocal rejection of his candidacy for governor of SC as well as his audacity to use a Tea Party event as a campaign platform.  The booing of the crowd in response to Rep. Barretts appearance was overwhelming at times, often drowning out Barretts speach and making it hard to hear what he was saying. 

Although the words of those speaking at the Tea Party were often muffled and difficult to hear (on ground level particularly) the message back to Gresham Barrett was easily heard and readily understood.  We don’t want you here, we don’t appreciate your vote on the $700 billion stimulus package and we won’t vote for you if you were the only candidate running against a democrat.  Those sentiments were easily understood no matter where you were standing. 

If Barrett is going to be elected governor of SC, it won’t be with the help of the Tea Party attendees.  But will the support of Tea Party protestors really matter?  Maybe not.  Considering that Lindsey Graham was re-elected after his wishy-washy stands (or lack of), and “principled compromise”, who’s to say whether Barrett has a shot or not?  If the crowd at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville has a say, Barrett may as well pack it in right now, but they probably would have said worse to Graham and he is ensconced in Washington for yet another six years.  As the Upstate goes, so goes South Carolina? Obviously not.  Keep running Gresham, let’s see how it pans out.

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Defend The Constitution: Tea Party Theme

The Tax Day, Pre-Tea Party Event At Chiefs: Warm Up For The Big One

Lining Congaree Road

Lining Congaree Road

If you happened to go down Congaree Road in Greenville, SC this evening, you may have been tempted to get out and walk.  The traffic was backed up about a half mile in either direction from Chiefs, the epicenter of all the activity.  People were walking along the side of the road headed to and from the tax day “Pre-Tea Party” event hosted by the restaurant.  Cars were moving at a crawl with the occasional motorist honking a horn (in agreement or protest I couldn’t tell) in response to the “protestors” holding signs and standing along the side of the road.  The parking lot was full of people talking, holding signs, gathering in groups or just enjoying the refreshments.

I arrived around 4:45 p.m., rather late considering there were many people who had been there from 2:00 in the afternoon waiting for the event to get underway.  When I hit the traffic on Congaree, I parked and walked about a quarter mile to get to Chiefs greeting people along the way and trying to get an idea of the number of attenders.  The atmosphere, once I arrived on scene, was rather electric.  People were enjoying themselves and spending time getting to know each other and exchange information.

Gallagher With Goonsquad

Mike Gallagher With Goonsquad

Local celebrity Russ Cassell was there as well as syndicated talk show host Mike Gallagher.  Both were addressing the Word 1330 radio audience of Bob Mclain whose show airs on Newsradio Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

There was a dunking booth, free buffet of “Cut the Pork, Sliders”, Right Wings and of course, tea.  I didn’t have much time, so I didn’t sample the buffet but rather spent my time talking to people.  One question I had for each person I met was simply; “what does the Tea Party movement mean to you?”.  The answers to that question were varied ranging from; “showing the government where they can stick it” (entertaining, but not very thought provoking) to; “a revolt against big government and loss of constitutional rights”, (now we’re talking).  

It has been a concern of mine from early in the Tea Party movement, that given a lack of direction and leadership on a national scale, the Tea Party movement might become marginalized by becoming a “one issue protest” or it may become very fractionalized by not having a focused purpose.  I think the man, Tom, who expounded on the need for smaller, less intrusive, less powerful government was hitting the target in his assesment.  We are not in need of a tax protest, we are in need of a revolution that once again takes the reigns of government into the hands of the people.  Not simply by electing different congressional representatives who then go to Washington and morph into the consumate politician, but by continuing to rise up and speak out until those in power produce real reform.

Of all those present, the man holding this sign said it best.  It isn’t about taxes, abortion, illegal immigration, national defense or foreign policy (although those are extremely important) it’s about getting back to the basic principal that our government is regulated by a Constitution to protect the people.  In order for that to work, the people must protect the Constitution.


Defend The Constitution

Defend The Constitution Against All Enemies

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Tea Parties Dissolving Into Tax Protests?

Don’t Water It Down: It’s Not Just Taxes, It’s The Entire Government

Cincinnati Protest, March 2, 2009

Cincinnati Protest, March 2, 2009

With “Tea Party” week upon us, things are heating up pretty good out there. There is a lot of concern about possible sabotage of events around the nation by groups such as Acorn. It seems the “buzz” is that Acorn will send people to different events attempting to garner signatures under falsified pretexts or; that they will try to start a physical conflict of some sort to disrupt events and draw media attention. The purpose of this would be to discredit the entire Tea Party movement by creating a ruckus and getting the MSM (Main Stream Media) to lable the entire thing as a “vast rightwing conspiracy” or some such nonsense.
I’m not concerned in the least what Acorn, or any other group attempts to do. These activist groups are experienced in manufacturing a cause and using the MSM to their advantage. They are, after all, in bed with one another. But any attempt to create a negative image can only be aided and abetted if we take the bait and fall into their trap. Don’t sweat the left leaning (more like far left field) groups and their pathetic plans to scupper the Tea Parties, there is a more insidious enemy to watch for; us.

We are in danger of destroying a nationwide,  movement by labeling it and killing it by placing it in a niche.

Labeling Tea Parties Will Only Hurt The Movement

When you think “Tea Party” what comes to mind? A tax protest? A political rally? How about a GOP event?  There are so many people applying labels to the Tea Parties that the underlying reason precipitating the first events has been lost in the confusion.  By placing the Tea Party events in a labled niche, like “tax protest”, the true essence of the entire movement is lost and the movement itself put in jeopardy.  Why we are holding Tea Parties in the first place.

The underlying theme of the Tea Party is the uncompromising assertion that we, the people, have the right to  ”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, harkening back to the days of the original tea party event in the harbor of Boston.  Sure confiscatory taxes make up a part of what we are rebelling against, but taxes are only one small part of the big picture.  

The men who dumped 40 tons of tea in the harbor that night, may have done it in direct response to parliaments handling, and taxing, of the tea trade, but the larger picture was revolt against a detached, impersonal, tyrannical government in which the colonies had no representation.  The dumping of the tea was only a small part of the overall revolt against that tyranny.  The seed of revolution had germinated and the men who threw the tea overboard were, in their minds, participating in a scenario larger then just a tea tax protest.  They were rising up in rebellion against a despotic king and a parliament that cared not a whit for the colonies.  Self determination and self government was the overwhelming desire of that time, and that same yearning was being expressed by the people attending the first Tea Party event in Greenville, SC on February 27, 2009 and will be again on April 15 & 17, 2009.
The people attending the first Tea Party in Greenville. SC were not there to participate in a “tax protest”, they were their to protest a government which has discarded its’ sworn loyalty to the Constitution and has trampled the rights of the people.  A government which has determined it is above God by discarding the “unalienable rights” we hold dear.  A tyrannical form of government which has self-interest at the heart of everything it does.  That is what we were gathering to fight when we first congregated by the Reedy River (yeah, I know, to outsiders it’s a creek) to speak our minds and join hands.  It is not a single issue which has generated the groundswell across this great land, and resulted in more than 2,000 planned events for this week, it is a multitude of issues of which the central theme is the tyranny of government under which we suffer.

For the MSM, which will never understand (nor does it want to) the patriotism and true loyalty of those who attend the Tea Parties around the nation, take this message to heart and mull it over: It isn’t only taxes we protest, it’s the entire government, stupid.

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Are You Using Proper Twitiquette?

Let’s First Establish The Value Of Twitter


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Twitter is a fun, but useless useful and time consuming addiction time saving social media tool that can keep you abreast of everything insignificant important.  You can abuse use it to update people on your latest blog post or publicize a worthless worthwhile cause.  It is a real time waster time saver in that you can tweet a microblog while doing nothing on the go with mobile applications like TwitterBerry, for Black Berry devices, and twitterfon for the Apple iphone.  Since Twitter consumes valuable resources has become such an essential tool for whiling away the hours social networking and marketing, it’s unimportant critical to be aware of proper etiquette while Tweeting.  We’ll call it Twitiquett; the dry, boring socially acceptable rules of Twittering.

Okay, now that we’ve determined we can’t live without Twitter (even if we can’t prove it’s value) let’s take a look at a crucial “Twitiquette” rule everyone should be aware of.

“Twitiquette” Rule For Re-Tweeting (RT)

If you’ve been Twittering for some time, you have seen messages with a mysterious “RT” at the beginning.  This is a re-tweeted message. It may be an interesting fact that someone wanted to share with their followers, or a breaking news item.  More than likely, h0wever, is that it is something meaningless to all but the sender and resender, but that doesn’t matter, we’re dealing with the ”twitiquette” of a re-tweet, not it’s worth.   

Re-tweeting, for those who may be new, is simply re-sending an original tweet by adding “RT” to the front of the message and sending it back out again.  Basically re-tweeting is recycling a tweet, helping the twittersphere do its’ part in saving the planet by recycling a perfectly usable tweet that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.  So whenever you see a tweet that has an “RT” in front, it has been recycled and re-used by some earth savvy twitterer performing a “green tweet”.  Enough “green tweets”, and maybe we can get some carbon offsets for all the energy we consume tweeting in the first place.  So come on, do your part and recycle a tweet.  But I digress……

The reasons for re-tweeting are varied, but knowing how to do it properly is important.  Of course, when you RT (re-tweet) the original message, you always want to add a comment, otherwise, no one will know how smart you are.  Unfortunately, some of the original messages are just way too long (tweethogs) and there is no room for you to add the even more important addendum you need to tack on.  There is, after all, only room for 140 characters on a Tweet (who came up with the 140 number anyway?) and that doesn’t leave much room for an erudite comment when re-tweeting an orginal.  So what is a tweet recycler to do?

You can:

         A.     Hijack the tweet and call it your own by removing the original Twitterers’ name and important information (not technically “green” because you haven’t actually re-tweeted) or;

         B.      Edit the original tweet and leave the essential core of the message, thus leaving a few character spaces to add your own, more important message at  the end.  And, bonus, you have a fully “green” tweet, cleverly recycled.

And the proper “Twitiquette” answer is?………. B,  Edit non-essential characters, leaving room for your important message at the end.  One way of doing this is to remove vowells, punctuation and unecessary words in the original tweet where removing them will still basically leave the original message.  By shortening the original, you can resend the tweet, and still get your message out.  I’ve shown you an example of a tweet edited for recycling below.

This sentence;               
Check out my latest blog post about detailing your car using my patented,  cleaning and detailing products.  /span>                
uses 139 characters leaving no room for you to ammend the tweet before re-tweeting.  It’s a very wasteful tweet (tsk tsk) because it doesn’t encourage re-tweeting.  But when changed (with full “Twitiquette” compliance) to;         
car cleaning products”        
reducing the wasteful 139 character tweet to 21 characters.  This should please everyone and it allows you to add your own important message at the end successfully turning it “green”.

With that kind of thoughtful twitiquette, you can successfully re-tweet and feel certain you haven’t ticked anyone off, because you have left the core of the message intact.  You have also helped reduce greenhouse gases by recycling and you can sleep well tonight.


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Make Money Using Twitter: And Other Stupid Schemes

I make $5,000.00 a month, working part time, at home, using Twitter



Have you heard that one yet?  If you haven’t, you probably will.  It doesn’t take long for the opportunists and ”get-rich-quick” types to spout their lame pitch on a new venue.  It’s as if they believe by opening up a new channel of communication, suddenly their old, tired out claim of easy money takes on a shiny new appeal.  Twitter has not been immune to the schemes and they are getting more prevalent as the days go by.  The other day, I received a Tweet that claimed you could get 16,000 followers in 90 days and make a lot of money with Twitter.  *Sigh*  Does my profile picture make me look like a sucker?  What is it about me that made this person think I would fall for that?  What makes the pitchman think the message looks any different on Twitter than it does on a pop-up ad?  And by the way, the person sending the Tweet?…. about 150 followers.  Hey, good going, guess you’re on day……2?  When you made lots of money, get back with me okay? 

Every pitch artist has the same approach.  There is always a “secret formula for making money” or “things they don’t want you to know” that you will learn at the feet of the master (for a nominal fee) and use to succeed.  If it is such a successful plan, why are you selling the idea?  Why do you need me to give you my hard earned money up front to teach me your secrets?  Aren’t you making plenty of money already?  Do you need to sell your “secrets” to someone not quite sharp enough to realize they’re being scammed? 

Two of the down-right funniest money making pipe dreams I’ve seen are the Twitter Elite Secrets and the 16,000 followers.  Check them out, but please don’t fall for them.  But wait, I apologize, you are smarter than that.

WARNING: If you click on the links below, you are on your own. 

What the Twitter Elite Don’t Want You To Know

This has got to be one of my personal favorites.  What the Twitter elite don’t want you to know. 

REALLY! I wasn’t aware there was a “Twitter Elite”.  You mean somewhere in the center of Manhattan or London, in a burled-walnut paneled room accessed through security tighter than Kirsty Alleys’ panty hose, there is a small, select group of men plotting world domination through Tweets?  These must be the same men who met in a private penthouse at the last G20 summit, pulling the strings of all those in the limelight.  Yeah, those “Twitter Elite” man, they have deep secrets they don’t want you to know about, that’s for sure.  But doggonit if some sneaky, over-talented hack didn’t end up getting his hands on the playbook and now, for $19.95, you too can get your share of the $millions$ waiting for a sharp knife like you to grab.  On second thought, go ahead and click on the link, you will get a good chuckle.  

16,000 Followers Will Get You Lots Of Money

Do I really need to continue?  Are you getting the picture?

In case you aren’t, check out this site.  The Twitter Traffic Machine: Gain 16,000 Followers In 90 Days.

This one is RICH!  Now, don’t get me wrong, there possibly is a way to gain 16,000 followers in 90 days.  And apparently all I have to do is “set it up once” and it does everything for me, I don’t even  have to have a brain, just a web site and $27.00 to give to this guy and Shazaam!, I’m rolling in the dough.  If you’re reading this post, watch it, I’m probably soaking you for a bunch of cash and you are too stupid to realize it.  I don’t even need to have quality content on my site, just a huge flock of Twitter sheeple mindlessly clicking through to my site and draining their bank accounts into my PayPal account before listlessly shuffling off to bed.  I wish I’d discovered this sooner.

Followers aren’t sheep.  Driving them to your website is one thing, turning them into a money making machine is entirely another.  You can run 16,000 people through a junkyard and not earn a dime.  It isn’t how many people you attract, it’s giving those people value for their money and treating them like the valueable people they are.  It’s about offering them something they want and maybe need and giving it to them at a reasonable price.  What this site is doing is appealing to the “easy money” gene we all have.  Nothing wrong with easy money, it just isn’t reality. Has Made (drum roll please) $zero So Far

Bottom line, you can make money and use Twitter to help.  But like money itself, Twitter is a tool.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Used properly as a marketing/research tool or as a networking tool, Twitter can help.  It simply won’t make money for you.  Nothing will make you money without an investment of time, smarts and hardwork.  Bottom line, has not made a red cent for the original creators and investors.  If they have made no money from Twitter (yet) are you going to rake in the cash without working for it?  So, just keep applying the principles of opportunity, ideas and effort to earn your money and leave the easy money schemes to the dim bulbs in the chandelier.

But while I have your attention: EARN $5,000 A MONTH, WORKING AT HOME WITH BLOGONSC.COM!!! Only $14.95.

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